Wednesday, 18 April 2012

                                                                             poster designed by Digitale Diva (Brenda Verhoeven)

Symphony Of Peace Prayers (SOPP)
The main concern of SOPP is to bring together different forms of religious peace prayer as well as approaches to the subject by music & visual art, in order to create compassion among them. Goal is: to experience all different forms of prayer and to be invited into each others ritual. By sharing this experience, we search out our common vision for the future. We are all individuals, and we need to understand our specific mission in life, which is: creating peace on earth. SOPP is one step on that path, creating a place (moment ) of peace, and connecting cities and countries on the same day world wide:

SOPP 2012 at MLK: 19th May  18:00~22:00 hrs  
               Dintelstraat 134,  Amsterdam-Zuid

Photo exhibition by Wouter van Buuren

18:00       Welcome speech + introduction of space    15min

18:15       Shinto program,                30min
Paul de Leeuw, shintomaster of Yamakage Shinto
Accompanied by ”sho” music (gagaku) <Naomi Sato> 

18:50     Butterfly Dans                                             15min
                choreograph& dance By    Shusaku Takeuchi
19:15       Sokagakkai (Buddhism),  20min
        Ann Ferrara & Stella Siu Lie Ang (
Stella presents  her  video clip during the chanting
 19:35       Lutheran tradition, 30min
Agape-meal with rev. dr.  Andreas Wöhle
combined with making/rolling & eating sushi
 20:00       Healing performance by  Sho (Japanese mouth pipe organ), 20min Naomi Sato(
         & Andra Perrin(shiatu-therapist, )
20:20  ________clearing  the space________________

20:25       Byakko, 15min
Simsa Cho:  Toitu (8min) & IN

20:40       Girls Choir Uetze (Christian tradition), 15min

20:55       Energy tuning performance, 15min
Ayumi Matsuda (recorder, Milena Dukanovic (organ), Monique Cornwell (singer) and Simsa  Cho(energy tuning,

21:10       Flag ceremony, 30min
21:40       World Peace Dance, 20 min
Zubin Nur
22:00       Closing speach

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