Wednesday, 6 March 2013

                                                              poster &flyer designed by: degitale diva

                   Symphony Of Peace Prayers  2013

SOPP is one step on that path, creating a place (moment ) of peace, and connecting cities and countries on the same day world wide:  

                       A Program:  SOPP 2013 Amsterdam

                         On Saturday  27th April , 18:00 ~ 22:30  
                    at Maarten Luther  Kerk (Dintelstraat 134,  near RAI)
                    Modern Japanese Kimono Art  exhibition  
                         presented by  Mamechiyo 

              1.  opening speech                     Shinji Kasema
                         & Introduction of place  Andreas wöhle
              2. Yamakage Shinto                   Paul de Leeuw
                     Shinto ceremony accompanied with SHO music played by Naomi Sato
   18:35    3.  Flag Ceremony

                19:20 ----------------Food is served----------------19:45                             

              4. Choir                                        Nobue Peters & freiends
              5. SokaGakkai International        Ann Ferrara    
              6. Kimono kituke                         Mamechiyo    
                                      accompanied recorder music played by Ayumi Matuda
              7.  Jewish                                     Marcella Levie
              8. poet reading                             Izaba 
                                      accompanied with SHO music played by Naomi Sato
              9.  Lutheran tradition       rev. dr. A Wöhle 
            10.  Byakko                                    Shiji  Kasema     
                           &                                Gratitude to nature(voicing & Madura)
                        World Peace Dance            Paul Henneman 

              11. Ending speech                       Andreas Wöhle

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