Thursday, 20 March 2014

Symphony Of Peace Prayers 2014

 *Please scroll down to see photos of SoppAmsterdam 2013

SOPP is one step on that path, creating a place (moment ) of peace, and connecting cities and countries on the same day world wide:  

                       A Program:  SOPP 2014 Amsterdam

                         On Saturday  17th May , 18:00 ~ 22:00  
                    at Maarten Luther  Kerk (Dintelstraat 134,  near RAI)


     Exhibition by    Bas van Buuren
         Wooden shoe series "Klompjekt"
                         & paintings
              1.  opening speech                     Shinji Kasema
                                                                rep, Byakko & WPPS the Netherlands
                         & Introduction of place    rev. dr. A Wöhle 
              2. Yamakage Shinto                   Paul de Leeuw 
                     Shinto ceremony accompanied with SHO music played by Naomi Sato
   18:35    3.  Flag Ceremony

                19:20 ----------------Food is served----------------19:45                             

              4. Duo Kodama  SHO  played by Naomi Sato 
          Shakuhachi played by Harrie Starreveld

              5. TONGLEN meditation:
                         "compassionately exchanging oneself and others"                                                                                         Matthieu Vaessen

20:30       6."Birth in modern times"   Catharina Ooijens

              7. Hindu Chanting choir     Sandhya Sanjana & friends 

              8.  "Ukrainian flute"&"batoukin" played by German Popov
                        "Ricoder" prayed by                Ayumi matsuda
                      performance by                 Shinji  Kasema     
 21:40      9.  Lutheran tradition       rev. dr. A Wöhle 

 22:00    10. Ending speech              rev. dr. A Wöhle          

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