Tuesday, 14 April 2015

                  Symphony Of Peace Prayers

Experience all different forms of Peace prayers including art & music and to be invited into each other’s ritual. By sharing this experience, we search out our common vision for the future. SOPP is one step on that path, creating a place of 
Peace, and connecting cities and countries on the 
same day worldwide.

                                                     Fuji Declaration
It is a call to all global citizens to recognize and nurture the full human potential
and divine spark within each human spirit to catalyse a timely shift in the couse
of history. The Fuji Declaration, initiated by a spiritual leader Masami Saionji & a
Leding scientist Dr.Ervin Laszlo and Hiroo Saionji ( Goi Peace Foundation), is an
International alliance of individuals and

Art Exhibition:

                                         Ikebana(JapaneseFlower arengement)
                      Glass objects

                    Ikebana by Ryoko Nishimura   

         Glass objects  by Simsa Cho


18:00   Opening speech                 Shinji Kasema    
Shinto  ceremony              Paul de Leeuw               music :  Naomi Sato ( SHO) 

Video presentation:           Dr E. Laszlo talking about Fuji Declaration

Textreading                        Fuji Declaration               Rev. dr Andreas  Wöhle   
                                                            with music by Ayumi Matsuda (recorder)

           Tibetan Meditation          Mattieu Vaessen

           Flag ceremony

         Gospel Music                “voice of Music” Gospel Choir from Essigen/Germany

20:30         -------------------- Hart warming   Joy and Food ----------------------------------------------

               Performance                     Shinji Kasema  , Ayumi  Matsuda (recorder)
             Singing bowl meditation    by Valerie  Schepper

             Warm silence meditation   by  Marcello Windolph  & Naomi Sato

             Peace Ritual of Christian Tradition                Rev. dr Andreas Wöhle

22:00     Closing speech                   Rev. dr Andreas Wöhle                                                    

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