Tuesday, 12 April 2016

     Symphony OPeace Prayers

Experience  different forms of Peace prayers including art & music and  be invited into each other’s ritual. By sharing this experience, we search out our common vision for the future. SOPP is one step on that path, creating a place of 
Peace, and connecting cities and countries on the 
same day worldwide.

 Last SOPP we presented the Fuji Declaration. Along the path of the Fuji Declaration, we would like to step forward by supporting the Soul of WoMen Global Campaign.

Art Exhibition:


    Deirdre Mcloughlin  

                   5 Sculptures from the Light Gatherer Series



14:30   Opening speech                 Shinji Kasema 

        Shinto  ceremony              Paul de Leeuw      
                                    music : Naomi Sato (Sho)

        Flag ceremony

15:30  ----------- Hart warming   Joy and Food --------------------

        Sho(Japanese mouth organ) 
             and Plus alpha             Naomi Sato 

        Christian Tradition      Rev. dr Andreas Wöhle 

        Hindu Chanting                  Sandhya Sanjana

           Tibetan Meditation             Mattieu Vaessen

       Performance                       Simsa Cho 


                                                 Ayumi Matsuda

                                                (Recorder Solo: chidorino kyoku & improvisation )

18:00  Closing speech                    Rev. dr Andreas Wöhle   

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